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Kampfschwimmer der Bundeswehr – Innenansichten einer Elitetruppe

(“Kampfschwimmer Naval Commandos of the German Armed Forces – An Internal View of an Elite Force”)
by Wilhelm Probst
One of the most revealing books about the German Kampfschwimmer naval commandos. Still up-to-date with regard to the core training regimen. The narrative is centered around the author’s true-life operational and training experience. A fascinating read, it provides a first-hand impression of the challenges confronting Kampfschwimmer trainees and commandos every day. Definitely a “Must Read”. [Non-Fiction, German language]

Die Kampfschwimmer der Volksmarine – Eine geheime Spezialeinheit der DDR

(“Kampfschwimmer of the People’s Navy – A Covert Special Operations Unit of the GDR”)
by Horst Kerzig, Jürgen Knittel, Kurt Schulz
The book is written by three former commanders of the special operations unit of the former East German navy, Kampfschwimmer Kommando KSK-18. They discuss formation, development and responsibilities of this unit over the course of its existence (1958-1990). The gradual emergence of this formerly secret unit into the light of day, including eventual formal public acknowledgment of its existence, is discussed in detail. Includes copies of original documents. Both interesting and informative, this book documents the 32-year history of KSK 18 and shines a light into the shadows of one of the Cold War’s best kept secrets. [Non-Fiction, German Language]

– The US Navy´s Elite Fighting Force
by Mir Bahmanyar and Chris Osman
Among the best portraits of the US Navy SEALs. The Author’s complete focus is on operations; he does not begin with BUDs (Basic Underwater SEAL Training) like many writers do, but gets right to the heart of the matter. The author vividly portrays missions and tactics of the Post-9/11 world, from the opening operations in Afghanistan up to and including the Iraq War. One of the most exciting sections of the book describes a joint Navy SEAL/US Marine mission ranging from Baghdad to Ramadi. This operation highlights the opportunities for direct support of regular units by special operations forces. Another interesting element of the book is the author’s take on the German Army KSK Special Operations Forces integrated within Task Force K-BAR. [Non-Fiction, English Language]

Fearless – The undaunted Courage and ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown
by Eric Blehm
One of the most emotionally moving books on the market. The grippingly narrated autobiography of Naval Spacial Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team SIX) Operator Adam Brown [real name: Eric Blehm]. A man who got hung up on drugs after high school, and then – through his willpower and abilities – worked his way into the ranks of the US Navy’s “Tier One” unit. Exciting, moving and inspirational. [Non-Fiction, English Language]

The Men of BRAVO TWO ZERO – The Harrowing True Story of a Special Forces Patrol Behind the Lines in Iraq
by Andy McNab
About a classic commando mission conducted by the British SAS during the 1991 Gulf War. Andy McNab describes the operation designated as Patrol B20, including: planning; reconnaissance; discovery by a shepherd boy; the resulting combat; and the hardships of flight, fear, capture, torture and death.[Non-Fiction, English Language]

The One That Got Away
by Chris Ryan
Reportage about superhuman endurance during war. Chris Ryan, a member of Patrol B20 (see above) who was separated from his teammates and covered 180 miles through the Iraqi desert to safety in Syria. Seven days, seven nights. Three days without water. Sir Peter De la Billière
(Former SAS Commander und Commander of british forces during the 1991 Iraq War) told Ryan: “You have personally made SAS history.”[Non-Fiction, English Language]

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