Die Bewerbung

Civilian Internship (Student / Apprentice)

If you are a civilian (including high school student or apprentice) interested in a short-term internship, contact the Kampfschwimmer personnel recruiting office: Kampfschwimmer Personal Werbetrupp Am Ort 6 24340 Eckernförde Tel.: 04351-66-3508 oder 3505 E-Mail: SEKMPersonalwerbetrupp@bundeswehr.org

Officer Careers

For information about a career as an officer contact the German armed forces personnel bureau’s officer candidate center: Personalamt der Bundeswehr Offizierbewerberprüfzentrale Kölner Straße 262 51149 Köln

NCO Careers

For information on career opportunities as a non-commissioned officer in the German navy contact the naval recruiting center: Zentrum für Nachwuchsgewinnung (ZNwG) Marine Opdenhoffstraße 63 26384 Wilhelmshaven E-Mail: znwgmarineeingang@bundeswehr.org

Active Duty Applicants

Bundesamt für das Personalmanagement der Bundeswehr Abteilung II Personalgewinnung Brühler Str. 309 50968 Köln Note! Applications must be filed through your chain of command.

General Comments

Applicants who do not complete training are not poor sailors. Your “buddies” will frequently say that behind your back when you return to your old unit, but it is not true! There is also frequently an attempt to portray soldiers who don’t complete SOF training as unworthy of further military service. Remember that such behaviour, if conducted openly and for a prolonged period, constitutes hazing and will result in disciplinary action. The fact is that dismissal from the course simply means that the candidate did not pass a particular training program. These service members have still demonstrated the courage and ambition to expose themselves to an extremely demanding challenge. And they return to their previous unit with enhanced qualifications, e.g. diver, boat operator or ranger.

Final Thoughts

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” (Wilhelm Wund). Only those who complete the entire training course through the training company become Kampfschwimmer. Their qualification is attested by the official Kampfschwimmer certification document which is designated with the graduate’s tactical identification number. Anyone without that document is no Kampfschwimmer! That also holds for those who simply attend the training courses individually without going through the naval SOF training unit at Eckernförde.  There are many “wannabe” naval commandos who say: “Yes, I attended the same course as the Kampfschwimmer,” or “”I’ve got the same training,” or “I’ve dived too,” all the way to “”I went sailing once” so that makes me a naval combatant. Fact is: naval commandos are trained through the training company and the course takes three years!

So: Do you have what it takes to wear this uniform?

Was bringst du mit, um eine solche Uniform zu tragen!?

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