July 1st 1959 was the beginning of the first Kampfschwimmertraining after World War II. The course starts with 13 soldiers. Three Petty Officer and 10 Seaman. The Instructors were trained on the french Navy Diveschool St. Mandrier, their names: KptLt Günter Heyden und Maat Fred Langhans. Equipment was procured and training starts in a swimming pool, Read More

New on KSA.DE the 50. anniversary insignia of the Kampfschwimmerkompanie. It was originally created by Jochen Gerlach, Wolfram Giebel, Erich Adolf und Gerd Meyer. It shows a sawfish for German Navy Diver, a Parachute for Airborne Operations like HAHO and oak leaves as the german RANGER insignia to represent the triphibic orientation of the, Read More

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Kampfschwimmer can operate in all environments. For example in Arctic regions weapons handling is difficult. Using normal oil for weapons will generate malfunctions. All weapons have to be fit in an special way.To make sure that every weapon run fluently, they will be test fired before every operation.

It´s not only the water than Kampfschwimmer use for operations. Kampfschwimmer useing parachute techniques on the highest level. For example the “Hight Altitude, Hight opening” (HAHO) technique. It´s based on directly opening the parachute in hight Altitude to glide into enemy territory. By using the Wind, they could fly long distances undetected. The use, Read More