With the transition of the Armed Diver Group (Waffentauchergruppe) into the new organizational framework of the Specialized Operational Forces of the Navy (Spezialisierte EinsatzKräfte der Marine) or SEK-M in July 2003, the German navy formed a unique battalion. The SEK-M supports the operational freedom of the German maritime forces in the face of developing, Read More

Many special operators acquire specialized skills. Here are some examples of skills commonly found in SOF teams. Teamführer/Stellvertretender Teamführer – Team Leader/Deputy Leader While not specialized skills per se, these vital functions deserve mention here. The team leader is an officer who leads the team both in training and during operations. The deputy team, Read More

After three years of training, the time has come: certification as a Kampfschwimmer. In a simple ceremony the new naval commando receives his insignia, his certification papers, and his unique Kampfschwimmer serial number. He is officially inducted into the Kampfschwimmer community – a community which still numbers a mere 300 members 55 years after, Read More

The German navy’s Kampfschwimmer naval commandos are among the best Special Operations Forces in the world. The are trained for triphibian operations. They are at home on land, in the water and in the air. From the Air Kampfschwimmer commandos also use the air for covert approach and mission execution. This includes conducting static-line,, Read More